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Infinite Campus Portal

Parents and students may log-in to the Infinite Campus portal and the HUB by going to

What is Infinite Campus?

All K-12 school districts use a database system for managing student information and maintaining student records. Infinite Campus is a district-wide student information system (SIS) designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, assessments and other information about the students in Bloomington Public Schools.

Who can log in?

All parents and guardians (indicated as guardians in Campus) can log in.  All students Kindergarten and above can also log in.  All students, parents, and guardians will log in with the same username and password that they use to access the Hub.

How do parents, guardians, and students log in?

Go to to claim your account - you will create a new password if it is your first visit as well as create questions for if you forget this password!

What should I do if I am having trouble logging in?

Please contact the school's main office or Media Center.

What information can parents, guardians, and students see?  

There are several tabs along the left hand side of the portal.  Below is a list of what can be found on each tab.

  • Schedule: Courses, Teacher(s), Rooms, link to full list of graded assignments
  • Grades: Recently (previous 14 days) graded assignments; in-progress and posted grades
  • Attendance: details, reason codes, and comments
  • Health:  Immunizations on record
  • Fees:  Student fees assigned and paid through Campus (for schools using this)
  • Reports: printable schedule, missing assignment list
  • Family:  Change household information, including email, phone numbers, and addresses (note:  all changes are approved by school staff before going live).

When should I use the Hub vs. the Infinite Campus portal?

The Hub contains information to help students and families to plan ahead like homework and upcoming events; for convenience it also contains the top summary information that parents, guardians, and students need about what has already happened like attendance and grade summaries.  For High School students it also contains their Personal Growth Plan (PGP).  

The Infinite Campus portal is a place for parents, guardians, and students to look at information after it has happened and to get more details on information the summary information displayed on the Hub.

Can I use the Infinite Campus portal on any device?

The portal is a website so it can be accessed from most web-accessible devices, though it isn’t technically supported on tablets and phones.  There is an iOS and Android app available from the App Store and Google Play store for mobile devices that allows parents and students to enable notifications for attendance updates and grades.  To enable that app enter the city (Bloomington), state (MN) and district (Bloomington) and it should work.

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