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ADSIS: Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instruction Services

What is ADSIS?

Program Overview

The intervention specialist teacher is part of an innovative program called Response to Intervention (RtI). RtI is to assist students with being proficient in achieving grade level expectations. As part of RtI, a reading assessment will be administered to all students in the fall, winter, and spring. If the assessment indicates a child is eligible for additional supports, the child will begin receiving additional Reading or Math support from his/her classroom teacher, intervention specialist, Title One teacher, or Reading Corp member under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher.

An intervention specialist will provide scientific, research-based Reading or Math interventions to the students in addition to the core curriculum received in their general education classroom. The student’s progress will be monitored and data-based decisions will be made regarding the interventions used. Student progress will be shared with classroom teachers and families.

Cecilia Welsh
Intervention Specialist
Room 405
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