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The VISION Program at Hillcrest is a Special Education program that serves students with Emotional and Behavioral needs from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The VISION Program is a collaborative effort between Bloomington Public Schools and Headway Emotional Health Services.  Our students receive services from licensed teachers, paraprofessionals, and licensed therapists throughout their school day.  Support from other educational professionals such as occupational therapists, school social workers, school psychologists, adaptive physical education staff and others may also be available depending on a student’s needs.

Academics can be individualized to the student’s instructional level.  Utilizing the strengths of students, experiential curriculum provides “hands on” learning opportunities.  In addition to required academic subjects, creative arts and community learning experiences are incorporated.
The IEP team determines whether the individual student should participate in general education courses and experiences.  If so, the VISION Program supports the student in those experiences as well.  Admission into the VISION Program is considered when a student has emotional or behavioral needs that have not been successfully met in the general education classroom. 

Program Teachers:
 Laura Katovich
 K - 2 grades

 Jay Melchior
 3 - 5 grades

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