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Artful Learning Training

Trainers from the Leonard Bernstein

Center work with the Hillcrest staff to implement this arts instruction model based on Bernstein’s belief that the process of experiencing the arts provides a fundamental way to instill a lifelong love of learning in children. The model: experience, inquire, create and reflect starts with a Masterwork experience. Students learn about a painting, photograph, song or other human achievement - not limited to the arts - that has exerted influence over time.  This immediate engagement leaves students curious to learn more. TheSignificant Question guides the inquiry and students use a variety of art and research strategies to delve into the content. As students inquire, new understandings develop and connections are made. The students then design an Original Creation - a tangible, artistic manifestation that demonstrates their understanding of the new knowledge. This final product is then ready for presentation and is shared with the community. Finally, students reflect on their learning. This process is documented through narratives, maps and metaphors that enable students to make connections to their lives and the world around them.

Hillcrest teachers have now completed the full course of Artful Learning™ training. Teachers have mapped their standards in order to develop interdisciplinary units and create inquiry centers for learning. Teachers have been introduced to more than 30 arts-based strategies that will be infused across the curriculum for increased student understanding and cognitive development. The training transforms instruction; it is rigorous and renewing, intense and inspiring. Students at Hillcrest enjoy Artful Learning units in the Fall, Winter and Spring.