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New District Health and Wellness Policy

The new school year brings new opportunities for Bloomington Schools, teachers and parents to promote health and learning within the school day. A new district wellness policy provides a consistent approach to promoting all aspects of student health – starting with food, nutrition, physical activity and social emotional well-being.  

Research shows that healthy habits lead to better learning at school. The guidelines for snacks and celebrations encourage parents to:

  • Honor your child’s birthday by sending non-food treats such as stickers or pencils

  • Ask your child’s teacher what non-food or healthy rewards/incentives they are using in the classroom

  • Become involved in planning seasonal parties that include games, crafts and healthy foods and beverages

  • Participate in brainstorming ideas for healthy, non-food focused school fundraisers

  • Refer to the Smart Snacks in School guide when packing snacks for your child

Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy options to celebrate important events and achievements. For more information and resources please see the Healthy Schools, Healthy Community web pages.