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Special Offer to See The Wiz

This year Hillcrest is studying and celebrating the classic super soul musical The Wiz. We’ve been learning about it in our Boule’ groups and will be having special guests from the Children’s Theatre Company and Penumbra Theatre work with our students before the entire school gets to go see a performance the first week of March.

In addition to our students attending a performance of The Wiz, we have arranged to have 60% off tickets for the 7:00 p.m. performance of The Wiz on March 16th (a Friday). We have 250 tickets held for our Hillcrest Community and can hopefully get more if we need to. 

You can buy your discounted tickets here:

The performance is sensory friendly, so anyone with loud noise or strobe light sensitivity can enjoy the performance with us J

If you have trouble purchasing tickets, please reach out to the Children’s Theatre Co. and let them know that you are with Hillcrest Community School. If you have questions about our focus on The Wiz, feel free to reach out to Mr. K ( or 952-681-5350)

You can check out the hit song "Ease on Down" from The Wiz (ft. Michael Jackson and Diana Ross) here.