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Hillcrest Book Swap April 27th

The Hillcrest Media Center is holding its annual Book Swap on Friday, April 27th.  Students are encouraged to bring gently used books that they would like to trade (permanently) for other students’ books.

  • Please make sure the books are in good condition, no tears, water damage, etc. (No board books or coloring books please.)

  • The students should bring their books to school BEFORE the Book Swap. Book drop off runs from Monday, April 16th  – Wednesday, April 25th. This will allow the media center time to sort and display the books before Book Swap day.

  • Participating students MUST return this permission slip, signed and stating the number of books brought to trade.  

  • Please have students bring books that would be appropriate to trade on their grade level.

    Would you like to volunteer with book swap set up?
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