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Registration for Hillcrest’s Lottery Opens on October 8th

Hillcrest Community School is a choice school of Bloomington Public Schools. This means that we do not have an attendance area or neighborhood, but serve the entire school district. Registration is determined through a lottery system only. The lottery registration opens on October 8th and closes November 30th. There is no advantage to applying early, it a lottery of all applicants with no priority given based on time of application. If you are applying from outside Bloomington and wish to open enroll, you will still need to complete our online application.

Families registering students who are new to Bloomington Public Schools must enroll through the online registration system. To identify your neighborhood school, visit the School Locator page.

You will automatically have a homeschool. During the online registration process, you will be offered the option of a Choice School (or school choice). To be enrolled in our lottery you must select Hillcrest as your choice. If you are unsure if you did this, please call our office and we can confirm for you.